Cartoon Beaver Gifts For Christmas

Beaver Gifts
Hey folks, it's been a long time since i posted something and that's because i was preparing for holidays and wrapping my cartoon beaver gifts. I went to a beaver dam gift store last week and i must say i found a lot of good stuff for my family. And also i wrapped those presents i told you about earlier, i bought them at beaver creek Colorado hotel when we were playing hide and seek with my buddies from Beaver island.
I love Christmas time, it is always so peaceful and beautiful this time of year! Everything covered in snow, no dirt, no garbage, no dust and air is so fresh. This is my favorite time of the year. All beavers become so nice and kind to each other.
So guys i hope you were good beavers this year, because Santa prepared very nice presents for you and it will be shame if you wont get them. But i bet you were good and it will be just fine!
Speaking about me and my cartoon beaver gifts, i made you this nice beaver card. Merry Christmas folks!

Beaver Dam AZ Trip

Beaver Dam AZ
Yo folks, i have been to Beaver Dam AZ trip, because lately i realized that i live in my country for all of my life, but haven't been even in a third part of it, so i decided to improve my knowledge of geography inside my country. So first i went to Arizona, because i had that chance to go there with my friend who is learning there at the Beaver dam college and i must say that there it is not Las Vegas and there is kinda boring but i must admit that good people live there, they are all kind and nice to each other and even to strangers and i guess what i liked the best about this place is that beavers are treated there like the kings or even better. I mean it is like a heaven on Earth for beavers. What could be better?
That beaver dam we stayed at was so nice and cozy tho, i didn't want to leave that place. I guess i would stay there forever if i wouldn't love to have fun that much.
I don't know where will i go next time yet, but i definitely know that i will remember Beaver Dam AZ trip for a long time and hopefully will return there someday.

Beaver Dam Insurance

Beaver Dam Insurance
Hey folks, i decided to get beaver dam insurance. As you know soon i will go on my vacation to Beaver creek Colorado hotel and i was kinda afraid to leave my house unprotected, because i have heard that sneaky otters are around again. So i went to their agency and they have been very nice to me, explained how it works and we maid agreement and i don't have to worry about my little beautiful and cozy house's safety anymore. I will enjoy peacefully every second of my holidays, swimming, taking sun bathes and going to SPA every day. And even after i come back i wont break the contract because anything can happen any moment. And you know folks, i would suggest you do the same thing, because you kinda feel invincible when you know that if something happens you will have something to start from again. And every nice beaver should be protected. That sure was a great idea to get that beaver dam insurance.

Going On Vacation To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Vacation
Hey folks, lately i have noticed that i am getting tired very fast doing almost nothing and that is why i decided to use Beaver creek vacation service. You all know i love Beaver creek Colorado hotel area, so it didn't took me a second to think where exactly i would like to go on vacation. Now i am searching for some cozy beaver home to rent for the week. Last year i went there for vacation too and that was so peaceful there that i thought i will never go anywhere else ever. Last time i took home with big pool, so i could get back my  shape by swimming and that really helped.
This picture is from last year's vacation, you can see me there swimming in the evening. That is so nice to swim during the evening when it is getting quiet all around, for me it is the best time.
Oh my, i can't wait to go on my every year Beaver creek vacation.

Grandpa's Beaver Creek Story

Beaver Creek
Once, when i was a boy mother took me to a Beaver creek to play with another little beavers. She went to do some of her business but i stayed at the playground and there also was that little beaver girl. At first i was confused, because i didn't like girls, i thought they were from a different planet that time, but than she looked at me and started to giggle. I asked her why she laughs and she told me i had something on my face. I looked in a water and saw my reflection - it was ice cream mommy gave me before. I looked so funny that i started to laugh too and so we laughed together for a few minutes but than suddenly she stopped and offered me to go chasing butterflies and so we did. We had a lot of fun, there were so many butterflies i have never seen before and they all were so incredibly beautiful  that it became my hobby to collect them but that little girl from Beaver creek is your grandma now...

My Visit To Grandparents At Beaver Village

Beaver Village
Hey folks, as you may noticed i haven't been posting to my blog for a few days, well that is because i went to Beaver village to visit my grandparents and grandparents as old as mine usually don't have any idea of what Internet is. Man it was so good to see them, i missed them so much. I missed grandma's delicious pies and grandpa's stories, now that old beaver never run out of words! They both are always so sweet and nice to me, i love them very much, it's too bad they live so far from me, i would definitely visit them every day (well maybe except i wouldn't after some parties because i would be ashamed of my hangover look).
Yep, i spent these days very good, it felt like home where you are always safe and where is someone who will take care of you no matter what like in childhood.

Fun At Beaver Village Winter Park

Beaver Village Winter Park
Yo folks, this time i am going to tell you about time i spent in Beaver village winter park! I must say that was splendid, there was a lot of snow and the weather was just perfect for skiing (i love skiing a lot) so i really had a lot of fun. I met my friend - mountain beaver there too and we hung out together. However one negative thing happened on my way to Beaver village (i almost got into a beaver trapping) it couldn't break my high spirit because the best place in the world was waiting for me. So when i got there i went to their famous cafe and had the best hot chocolate in the world for breakfast...mmm i still feel that taste. After that i went straight to the mountain where i met my friend and we had awesome day. We were skiing and talking about old good times and that was so nice to remember how many good things happened in our lives. I even realized that if something really bad happens to you it is good, because you can appreciate all of the nice little things life gives you! Yeah... It feels so good now to sit at home after awesome day spent in Beaver village Winter park and just relax thinking of how beautiful is life after all.

Hide And Seek At Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel

Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel
Hey folks, weekend is over and there are no nice beaver parties until next one and that is why i came with the idea of something funny - playing hide and seek at Beaver creek Colorado hotel! So i called my buddies from Beaver island and everything happened. We arrived there early in the morning (i must mention that nothing is more beautiful than morning at Beaver creek) and took our positions at one of those gorgeous creek hotel areas. You can find all of us on the picture above. It took hours for us to found each other, but it was a lot of fun! Hi hi! I must admit, i cheated badly, while my buddies were looking for me i just went shopping. LOL, they still don't know, but i am not a liar and i will tell them everything on Christmas when i will give them a presents i bought at creek's shopping alley. I can imagine their faces when they will listen how i went shopping and than back to the Beaver creek Colorado hotel, put things i bought, had fantastic dinner, went to SPA and then came back to my position, where they successfully had found me later.

Swimming Beaver At Pool Party

Swimming Beaver
Hey folks, did you know how cool is to be a swimming beaver? I love pool parties and i can go to all of them, because i can! ;P I love to dance, i love attention and i love water so pool parties are the best for me, because i can be not just dancing beaver but a king of a pool party! Last sunday night there was a party at mountain beaver village! There was a lot of fun and a huge pool with cool blue water i adore and the most interesting thing about that pool was that it had underwater cameras inside it! So all swimmers was shown on the big screen near the bar! It was one awesome view, i just couldn't hold my self of becoming a star of that event so i did underwater tricks all night. Everybody loved it and just how i was expecting i became the king of that party! See that awesome snapshot of swimming beaver, that is me - king of pool party, now can i be any cooler, folks?

Dancing Beaver Party Time

Dancing Beaver
Yo, yo, yo, party people, it is dancing beaver and it is time to paaaartyyy! Folks, don't call me today, i am busy beaver now! Since last period of time i was pretty bored, i decided to change something in my life and now i am going to party every weekend! This picture was taken last night at VIP forest party arranged by squirrel Haris Pilton! That was so awesome, it was a long time since i had shaken my old bones like that! I went so crazy that i even pulled my clothes off and started poledancing, gee man! There was a lot of hot beaver girls and they gave me their phone numbers! Dj Bear rocked the dance floor, that guy knows how to pull all-nighter! You all are invited to next party! Ok, since i have had to much fire water last night i will go to take a rest now, because my headache is awful! See you, folks! Kisses!

What do beavers eat except hamburgers?

What Do Beavers Eat
Hey folks, you often ask me what do beavers eat except hamburgers, tacos and nachos? Of course i was kidding saying that they eat that unhealthy fast food! It is time to reveal all secrets! Many of you think that they eat wood like i have already mentioned before but it is awkward! They make beaver home from wood! They don't have any tools like you - people do so it is obviously that they use their teeth for that! That is what makes you think that they eat it! So what do they eat? As you see little beaver eats cookie at this picture. Conclusion is that beavers eat sweets! Old beaver would love to have cake for dinner every day, beaver cub would eat bunch of ice creams with pleasure! Smart ones, aren't they? Who wouldn't want to have so yummy things for dinner every day! So folks, now you know what do beavers eat!

How Chipmunk Pictures Become Beaver Pictures

Beaver Pictures
Using a simple everyday magic called photoshop every chipmunk picture can turn into even several beaver pictures. So sometimes if you are looking for real pictures of beavers be sure that what you see is really a beaver not some chipmunk, squirrel or even some kind of rat! As long as i'm Crazy Beaver i know what i am talking about and  i know just how exactly real beaver is looking like! So if you are searching for real beaver photos make sure you are looking in a right place! A lot of nice beaver photo shots are available in my Beaver Pictures blog specially to make your search easier, because Crazy Beaver cares about you, folks!

I am busy beaver

Busy Beaver
Hey, hey birds i am not going to party with you i'm a very busy beaver! It is time for dinner and i like to eat alone in peace and quiet so stop twitting around and better bring me some more food! What do you mean you don't know what do beavers eat? We eat hamburgers and tacos with hot sauce, mmm, yummy! Ok, my dinner is over and i need to go looking for something to eat for supper! Stay metal \m/ and maybe i'll be a nice beaver  and bring you some nachos! Or would you rather have burritos? You like them both? Hmm good choice! Ok really i can't hang out with you any longer i'm a very busy beaver...

Treasures of Beaver Island

Beaver Island
Hey folks, have you heard of Beaver Island treasures? People are talking that long time ago pirate called Redhead Beaver found this island and liked it so much, that he decided to stay there and hided his treasures there! By the way this island have his name now - Beaver Island! Time passed and people forgot about Redhead Beaver, now they tell that island is called Beaver Island because of beavers who live there in huge amounts, but i'll tell you that it has nothing to do with those cute little fellows! So i don't know about you but i'm going to Beaver Island to find that treasure old Redhead had hidden! Bling Bling, beavers!

Facts about Beavers - beaver story

Beaver is a general name for three rodent species in two different taxonomic groups, i.e. Castoridae and Aplodontidae. You can find lots of interesting beaver pictures in our blog. Mountain beaver and Aplodontia Rufus are the only live beings in the Aplodontidae family which lives at North America's Pacific coast. Generally mountain beavers are smaller than the normal beaver and is similar to muskrats.

Family of Castoridae consists of two species, Castor canadensis (the true one or the common one) and Castor fiber (Eurasian or European beaver). In the past Eurasian beaver lived in the area from Eastern Siberia to British Isles. In the end of 19th century, the population of beavers reached to just 1,200 because of the over hunting. But, thanks to the reintroduction, natural spread and protection by the twentieth century, their number has increased to approximately 617,000 on 2003. At present days, you can find them all over Europe, with the exception of Italy, Iberia and the southern Balkans. You can find them as well in Mongolia China and Khabarovsk.

The true beaver that is C. Canadian, are originally from North America. The general beaver are living from arctic to northern Mexico, apart from Nevada, Southern California, some places in Alaska and general part of Florida,. There were few reports of inaccessible populations in places such as Temecula Creek and Southern California also.

Since 1975 Canadensis is Canada's official symbol. Between 1846 and 1882 more than 3.5 million beavers have been killed with the intention to sell in UK by Hudson Bay Company. Furs were so precious that it contributed significantly to the westward settlement and development of human settlement of Canada and North America.

Beavers are known for their normal trait of constructing dams on rivers and streams, and constructing houses, on the pond. Beavers as well build canals, which are very difficult to drag on the ground. They utilize their sharp teeth to cut plants and trees that they utilize for construction and food. Initially, they put vertical poles and then they fill the gaps of the poles with horizontally crisscrossed placed branches. They seal the gaps of the branches by blending mud and weeds until the dam confiscate adequate water to encircle the lodge.

They are also known for their alarm signal: while starthtened and frightened, a beaver starts dive fast while vehemently spanking the water with its wide tail, and these spanks are heard from great distances under and above water. It warns other beavers in the region. Once one of them sounds the alarm, beavers nearby dive and possibly will not show up for some time. Beavers are sluggish on land, but they are excellent swimmers and can stay under water for near about 15 minutes.

Mel Gibson beaver

The Beaver
Mel Gibson beaver: Hey folks, have you already heard that there is a movie The Beaver with Mel Gibson, directed by Jodie Foster. This is going to be so awesome movie, can't wait till it will be released. Fortunatelly the trailer is already available, and now i am sharing it with you and you, guys must share it with your friends, because no one would want to miss it. The cast is so cool - two times Academy awarded Mel Gibson, two times Academy awarded Jodie Foster, and that young cool Russian actor Anton Yelchin.
So all drama is about one guy called Walter Black, he is a middle age family man in a great depression, he is having some problems with his family, and because of that his wife kicks him out. And so he seems to be totally lost with his life until he founds a beaver hand puppet, and then it all starts. But i wont tell you more, because i don't want to steal your joy of watching that movie.
So folks, lets hold our breath once again and wait for Mel Gibson Beaver.

Which one of those is Super beaver?

Guess who is Super beaver! It must be smart, strong, healthy and handsome one, or maybe it is a nerd-looking one with some special superpowers? Is it a beaver boy? Why couldn't it be a beaver girl? Sometimes girls are stronger than boys. It's all about force! Superhero suit doesn't make beaver a superbeaver! So try to listen to what your intuition says and guess which one is Super Cartoon Beaver. World needed an idea of some new type of superhero a long ago! Everybody are tired of all kind of superman like superheroes like batman, spiderman and other freakazoids! So here he comes, not only strong and smart but cute and fluffy to, he want break any girls heart and wont make guys jealous, he will come where justice needs to be and settle things down without unneeded violence and destruction. So it is no need to hide in a corners anymore, nothing bad can happen, because the super beaver is watching you!

Beaver's Epic fail - Beaver video

Yo, folks, this beaver video is epic, take a look at this looser, he is hilarious! The only thing which upsets me about this video is that silly humans think that this little guy is beaver, but he is just some kind of chipmunk. Don't they see, that fellow have no gorgeous beaver tail, and one more thing - nice beaver would never humiliate himself chasing after food like this, i mean he couldn't even if he wanted, because beaver's food stands still all the time, ha ha it's trees, man, silly people, they know nothing about beavers.
Although this video is really funny and it totally made my day, that is why i am sharing it with you, some things are better when shared with friends, right?
If you like it you can also share it with your friends for example on Facebook, there must be even special button for you, to make it easier to share my crazy content with your friends.
So okay, folks i better get going before my crazy brothers ate all yummy fresh trees around here. If i found another funny beaver video i will definitely let you know.

What Do Beavers Eat

How do you think, what do beavers eat? Lots of people think, that beavers eat wood, but it is just a stereotype, because beaver actually loves hamburgers and cheeseburgers! Do you know why beavers have orange teeth? That's right - that's because they eat a lot of oranges, oranges are beaver's favorite food. They also drink a lot of orange soda and eat cookies like guys from David Blaine's videos. By the way beavers are huge fans of David Blane, because they like street magic and all kind of pranks. So if someone is calling you and asking whether you need a fridge and when you answer you don't they say, then bring it out, we're coming after it, know - it could be beavers.
So returning to beaver eating behavior you need to also know what they hate and would never eat. Number one beaver belly's enemy is sushi, they hate it a lot and no one actually doesn't know why, but they also hate olives and pudding. So if you have beaver as a pet be sure to treat it good, because now you are an expert of what do beavers eat.

Cartoon beaver adventures

Cartoon beaver
Hey folks, this time i have a nice picture of cartoon beaver to show you. It was so funny, that i couldn't hold myself from sharing it with you. This swimming beaver looks like he is on drugs, look at the dark circles under his eyes. Okay, i'm just joking, beavers never use drugs, because drugs are bad and if you use drugs you are bad, 'cause drugs are bad, like Mr. Mackey from South Park said. And if they say it in South Park, it means that it's true.
But anyways, i'm wondering where this guy is going on that "Titanic", beavers don't usually float on trees, they are great swimmers and they just love to swim. It looks like this little guy is a sailor with his great boat. However you can do anything if you are a cartoon hero even more than in movies, plus animators often give it all a big portion of funny sound effects, and a funny names too. Guess what name did they give this fellow - captain Redhead Beaver? Like the one from Beaver Island.
Yeah, i wish that someone would make an animation about me, but who would be interested in crazy violet beaver? That Hollywood guys say, that natural looks are modern now. Where are 90th gone, when all kind of punks like me ruled the world.
Well, i've heard history goes in circles, so maybe in next ten years you will see a violet and crazy cartoon beaver, but for now, lets just hold our breath and wait.

Funny smiling beaver cub

Beaver cub is one extraordinary little guy, it's extremely cute, fluffy and totally adorable forest and wetland citizen. Beaver cubs are little bit clumsy especially when they get out of water, but they try to make fast moves like their parents, what makes them look funny. Little beavers prefer to stick with their parents till they grow up, but later they sometimes even leave the dam where they were born to free a space for their younger siblings and to found their own place and life partner and to build their own dam where they can settle down. When they build their own dam and create a new beaver community they stay there as long there is enough food for them and as long as that food is easy to transport to their lodge or while their activities are not interrupted by humans, who sometimes are not happy with beavers around their ponds because of the possible floods caused by beavers. Sometimes beavers live all their life in one location, but sometimes they are moving from place to place, beavers can re-build a main dam over night.
It is really fun to watch cute beaver cub playing in your pond, that is a little reason why people should not destroy their homes and also because beavers are greatest wild architects amongst all animals.

Redhead beaver is a metalhead

So what do we have here - is that a Redhead beaver? Imagine if it had iroquai! It would look totally awesome! That Redhead beaver likes headbanging and bone shaking to the sounds of metal. He's not some kind of punk or emo, he is a true metal lover. He likes hardcore, trash metal, alternative metal, nu metal and metalcore. Hes favorite bands are Metallica, Trivium, Korn, Bullet for my Valentine, Amatory (great Russian band), Deftones and Snobrand (band from Latvia with unique style).
He decided to color hes hair red last year when he went to a beaver village winter park metal fest and he liked it so much, that he decided to stay redhead to keep the memory of that fest's atmosphere. And in my opinion it looks perfect on him. Hes mom says that it will be inappropriate when he'll be an old beaver and youngsters will laugh on him, but he doesn't care because as he thinks you must do what your soul desires 'cause you only have one life (if you aren't cat of course, these little guys have nine of them).
So i told him - redhead beaver, you are totally right and went to try out some violet on me.

Would you like a little beaver?

little beaver
Once upon a time, when i was a little beaver i was so good at getting into troubles, like most of the kids do. And so it was one beautiful day in Beaver village, i was playing around with my friends, when we suddenly got bored and decided to do something funny and interesting.
My grandpa - Old beaver often told me scary stories about places where humans live and called that places cities, but he never said why should i be afraid of that cities, he only strictly said that i am not allowed to even show my nose there, because it is very dangerous. As i was just a kid i thought, that where danger is - there is adventures, and i really wanted to participate in some great adventures.
So that day, i told my friends about cities and of course we decided to sneak there without letting adult beavers know. And so we were on our way. Our company got there pretty fast by the river downstream. We understood that it was one of that cities right away, because we have never seen something, as we thought back then, so beautiful, before. And we went for a walk. We were running, screaming and trying to find out who lives in there, when we saw a funny looking long bodied creature which must have been that human, grandpa told about, it was very tall and clumsy. So it stood there on some long thing which is stepladder as i know now and did some funny moves with it's hand over the wall and that wall became violet when he rubbed it with his hand. We were so surprised and thought it was magic. We discussed it and decided to come closer and when we did we smelled something strange, our heads started to go round, my friends got scared of that but i wanted to look like a hero and went further, when suddenly i stepped on something sticky and felt in some big big bucket, when i got out all covered with that sticky thing, smelling funny, i got sick and lost my consciousness, guys carried me back to beaver home where i woke up and found myself all violet.
And that is exactly how i became violet and learned why cities are dangerous for silly little beaver.

Beaver home - so warm and cozy

This is my beaver home, this is so cool and expensive beaver apartments, I would even say - it's a beaver palace. Welcome to my cribs. I make parties every sunday night and all the forest VIPs are invited. This is so cool to live in a big and cozy lodge which we, beavers build with our own little hands. Did you, people knew that we are great constructors and architects? In wildlife we are the best in construction works. But unlike you we can build a hole dam over one night, that's right - night, not day, because we are night creatures! Could you handle that challenge? We are so good at building, because we are very rational animals, we choose places were everything is handy, and if it's not we do everything to improve it. We build canals to provide materials and food in the fastest way we can. We also help nature to avoid floods and erosion. Our other color after brown is definitely "green". Once we even built a world's biggest dam which can be seen from satellite, imagine how big is that. And we are just a small rodents, of course not so small among other rodents, only capybara is bigger then average beaver but in front of you, people, we are pretty small. So take that, humans, we do not know now, but maybe we even built Egyptian pyramids, not you or aliens! :) I mean if we can build a beaver home which can be seen from space, why couldn't we build a pyramids?

Canadian beaver symbol

Canadian five-cent piece
Canadian beaver symbol
"Threepenny beaver" post stamp
Hey folks, today i would like to tell you about Canadian beaver symbol. I think that no any other country in the world except Canada loves and appreciates beavers more. However they exploits our beautiful fur, we are thankful because they at least appreciate what we give them and respect us for being their national treasure. They even designated beavers as a national animal and use our profile as a national emblem. Canadians also have a coin with beaver on it, they respect us so much because they understand our importance in the development of Canada. And guess what was on the first Canadian post stamp? That's right - a beaver, it was designed by Sir Sandford Fleming and was released in in 1851, it was called "Threepenny beaver". They had also chosen beaver to be the mascot of the Summer Olympics in Montreal with the name "Amik" ("beaver" in Ojibwe) in 1976.
So where you wouldn't see any angry beaver is in Canada, where beavers are loved and respected by people!
When i was in Canada i bought a Copy of Canadian beaver symbol and put it on my wall to remember every day, that somewhere in the world is a place where we are always wanted!

Beaver picture - This is me

This is my best Beaver picture ever! Yep, this is me in person one and only Crazy Beaver! How do you like my new fur color? Violet is my favorite, remember that, folks when you will send me some cute little presents! However i love surprises too but  make sure that they are violet surprises! :) Do i already sound crazy to you? I am all about craziness, because in my opinion being crazy is the only way to look normal in our crazy world, isn't it? Ha ha, i am not totally nuts if you know what i mean (by the way, i love nuts, their yummy) but i am kinda hyperactive nature child. But who cares about it as long as i will continue to tell you some funny, interesting and of course some times pretty crazy stories! My mama told me that if i wasn't a beaver i would be a great writer and even could write scripts for some really funny movies, not that trash they make nowadays! But anyway, where were we, oh yes, i was telling you about my talents, so as long as i am beaver i am not allowed to write scripts, however i can be an actor like some of my bros, for example my cousin was acting in Dr Doolittle, how cool is that, huh? Personally i was offered to star with Mel Gibson in Jodie Foster's film "Beaver" but i thought it will make me racist, i don't know why but they say it in South Park and Youtube's star Jon Lajoie sang about that in one of hes inappropriate songs, but hell, i love that guy, he's funny, so i refused. And it means that now i will have plenty of time to post my crazy stories in this blog which is cool because it kinda does make me a writer. Well, folks i guess this is kinda it for now about me the Crazy Beaver, stay in touch with me if you wanna know more interesting and crazy facts about simple beaver's life plus i am going to post a new cool beaver picture with every new article.

OMG, beaver trapping!

Oh my God, folks that human bastards caught this poor little fellow into a beaver trapping, it is so rude and cruel of them, how could they? And why? Only because that cute beaver dropped a few old trees to make a sweet little home for his babies. Now that is nasty, why people think they have rights to rule over an animal's life, they totally got out of control. Someone should stop them once and for all! I am so calling Super beaver right now. And i am sure he wont be okay with that at all. Look how scared that redhead beaver is, how would they like if someone put them in his place.
And we don't actually know why they put him there, maybe they are just covering their backs, saying he caused them troubles, but actually they just wish to kill him and steal his fur. Yes, didn't you know they do that, filthy animals! They are jealous of wildlife creatures, because they don't have such a beautiful fur and since they are egoists, they either get what they want either destroy it, so if they can't get it, they make sure no one can, what a beasts!
Lets all hope that guy could get away from that awful beaver trapping and returned safely to his cute little cubs and wife.

Very angry beaver attacks paparazzi

Dudes, check this out - this angry beaver has become my idol, he attacked that annoying paparazzi guy! That was awesome! I attached this video to show you how a nice looking and seemed to be calm and friendly animal can get angry when humans interrupt his peaceful lifestyle. This little fellow showed that camera guy where his place is. People often think they have rights to do what they want but what they don't think about is how that influences all around them like environment, wildlife and also other people existence. People goes to the woods sometimes to "research" that area, sometimes to leave mess behind them after having "nice" picnic but sometimes to destroy everything what mother nature has created and clear a space for their own ugly and harmful constructions which will earn money for them. But they don't think that someday they will need what they destroyed but it will be too late. I hope you guys understand why that angry beaver got furious!

Old beaver is lazy dude

Old Beaver
Hey folks, i recently met my old man and that old beaver is one lazy dude, i must say, but with a beautiful soul and a really pure heart, he is the greatest. I would even say he has always been my hero. Watching him as an example of a great parenting skills i understood that beavers are the best parents in the whole world, and my paps and mama are best parents of the best.
While i was a little beaver they treated me like little king or something, caring about me and giving me everything i needed in the first place and only then they thought about themselves.
When i got a little older they were teaching me properly everything they new and everything i might need to know for the future, because it is a tradition in beaver families to let their young children go to find their own place, so they can learn to live on their own instead of being mama's sons, which helps a lot in a future life.
To bad my mama has already passed away, but at least i have my old beaver paps, and i just love to visit him.

Nice beaver with Hollywood smile

Nice Beaver
Hey guys, today i wanted to speak about nice beaver smile. Pretty often beaver characters are used in toothpaste commercials, but people laughs saying that beaver teeth are not white at all, but the point isn't about whiteness, it is about how healthy and strong beaver teeth are. Imagine how strong teeth they must have to drop huge trees with them. So there is nothing to laugh about. I believe, not only me, but all beavers are really proud of their teeth, because it is the most important part of their body, they couldn't survive and be such a great architects without their teeth. Teeth are what makes average beaver a super beaver.
And it is totally okay, that their teeth color is deep yellow or even kinda orange, it gives beavers that cool Austin Power's charisma and charm, in my opinion.
So if you are a beaver with such strong orange or yellow teeth, there is nothing to be shamed about. In wildlife it is a thing to be proud of to be a nice beaver with perfect orange Hollywood smile.
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