Redhead beaver is a metalhead

So what do we have here - is that a Redhead beaver? Imagine if it had iroquai! It would look totally awesome! That Redhead beaver likes headbanging and bone shaking to the sounds of metal. He's not some kind of punk or emo, he is a true metal lover. He likes hardcore, trash metal, alternative metal, nu metal and metalcore. Hes favorite bands are Metallica, Trivium, Korn, Bullet for my Valentine, Amatory (great Russian band), Deftones and Snobrand (band from Latvia with unique style).
He decided to color hes hair red last year when he went to a beaver village winter park metal fest and he liked it so much, that he decided to stay redhead to keep the memory of that fest's atmosphere. And in my opinion it looks perfect on him. Hes mom says that it will be inappropriate when he'll be an old beaver and youngsters will laugh on him, but he doesn't care because as he thinks you must do what your soul desires 'cause you only have one life (if you aren't cat of course, these little guys have nine of them).
So i told him - redhead beaver, you are totally right and went to try out some violet on me.