Nice beaver with Hollywood smile

Nice Beaver
Hey guys, today i wanted to speak about nice beaver smile. Pretty often beaver characters are used in toothpaste commercials, but people laughs saying that beaver teeth are not white at all, but the point isn't about whiteness, it is about how healthy and strong beaver teeth are. Imagine how strong teeth they must have to drop huge trees with them. So there is nothing to laugh about. I believe, not only me, but all beavers are really proud of their teeth, because it is the most important part of their body, they couldn't survive and be such a great architects without their teeth. Teeth are what makes average beaver a super beaver.
And it is totally okay, that their teeth color is deep yellow or even kinda orange, it gives beavers that cool Austin Power's charisma and charm, in my opinion.
So if you are a beaver with such strong orange or yellow teeth, there is nothing to be shamed about. In wildlife it is a thing to be proud of to be a nice beaver with perfect orange Hollywood smile.
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