Would you like a little beaver?

little beaver
Once upon a time, when i was a little beaver i was so good at getting into troubles, like most of the kids do. And so it was one beautiful day in Beaver village, i was playing around with my friends, when we suddenly got bored and decided to do something funny and interesting.
My grandpa - Old beaver often told me scary stories about places where humans live and called that places cities, but he never said why should i be afraid of that cities, he only strictly said that i am not allowed to even show my nose there, because it is very dangerous. As i was just a kid i thought, that where danger is - there is adventures, and i really wanted to participate in some great adventures.
So that day, i told my friends about cities and of course we decided to sneak there without letting adult beavers know. And so we were on our way. Our company got there pretty fast by the river downstream. We understood that it was one of that cities right away, because we have never seen something, as we thought back then, so beautiful, before. And we went for a walk. We were running, screaming and trying to find out who lives in there, when we saw a funny looking long bodied creature which must have been that human, grandpa told about, it was very tall and clumsy. So it stood there on some long thing which is stepladder as i know now and did some funny moves with it's hand over the wall and that wall became violet when he rubbed it with his hand. We were so surprised and thought it was magic. We discussed it and decided to come closer and when we did we smelled something strange, our heads started to go round, my friends got scared of that but i wanted to look like a hero and went further, when suddenly i stepped on something sticky and felt in some big big bucket, when i got out all covered with that sticky thing, smelling funny, i got sick and lost my consciousness, guys carried me back to beaver home where i woke up and found myself all violet.
And that is exactly how i became violet and learned why cities are dangerous for silly little beaver.
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