Beaver Dam Insurance

Beaver Dam Insurance
Hey folks, i decided to get beaver dam insurance. As you know soon i will go on my vacation to Beaver creek Colorado hotel and i was kinda afraid to leave my house unprotected, because i have heard that sneaky otters are around again. So i went to their agency and they have been very nice to me, explained how it works and we maid agreement and i don't have to worry about my little beautiful and cozy house's safety anymore. I will enjoy peacefully every second of my holidays, swimming, taking sun bathes and going to SPA every day. And even after i come back i wont break the contract because anything can happen any moment. And you know folks, i would suggest you do the same thing, because you kinda feel invincible when you know that if something happens you will have something to start from again. And every nice beaver should be protected. That sure was a great idea to get that beaver dam insurance.

Going On Vacation To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Vacation
Hey folks, lately i have noticed that i am getting tired very fast doing almost nothing and that is why i decided to use Beaver creek vacation service. You all know i love Beaver creek Colorado hotel area, so it didn't took me a second to think where exactly i would like to go on vacation. Now i am searching for some cozy beaver home to rent for the week. Last year i went there for vacation too and that was so peaceful there that i thought i will never go anywhere else ever. Last time i took home with big pool, so i could get back my  shape by swimming and that really helped.
This picture is from last year's vacation, you can see me there swimming in the evening. That is so nice to swim during the evening when it is getting quiet all around, for me it is the best time.
Oh my, i can't wait to go on my every year Beaver creek vacation.

Grandpa's Beaver Creek Story

Beaver Creek
Once, when i was a boy mother took me to a Beaver creek to play with another little beavers. She went to do some of her business but i stayed at the playground and there also was that little beaver girl. At first i was confused, because i didn't like girls, i thought they were from a different planet that time, but than she looked at me and started to giggle. I asked her why she laughs and she told me i had something on my face. I looked in a water and saw my reflection - it was ice cream mommy gave me before. I looked so funny that i started to laugh too and so we laughed together for a few minutes but than suddenly she stopped and offered me to go chasing butterflies and so we did. We had a lot of fun, there were so many butterflies i have never seen before and they all were so incredibly beautiful  that it became my hobby to collect them but that little girl from Beaver creek is your grandma now...

My Visit To Grandparents At Beaver Village

Beaver Village
Hey folks, as you may noticed i haven't been posting to my blog for a few days, well that is because i went to Beaver village to visit my grandparents and grandparents as old as mine usually don't have any idea of what Internet is. Man it was so good to see them, i missed them so much. I missed grandma's delicious pies and grandpa's stories, now that old beaver never run out of words! They both are always so sweet and nice to me, i love them very much, it's too bad they live so far from me, i would definitely visit them every day (well maybe except i wouldn't after some parties because i would be ashamed of my hangover look).
Yep, i spent these days very good, it felt like home where you are always safe and where is someone who will take care of you no matter what like in childhood.

Fun At Beaver Village Winter Park

Beaver Village Winter Park
Yo folks, this time i am going to tell you about time i spent in Beaver village winter park! I must say that was splendid, there was a lot of snow and the weather was just perfect for skiing (i love skiing a lot) so i really had a lot of fun. I met my friend - mountain beaver there too and we hung out together. However one negative thing happened on my way to Beaver village (i almost got into a beaver trapping) it couldn't break my high spirit because the best place in the world was waiting for me. So when i got there i went to their famous cafe and had the best hot chocolate in the world for breakfast...mmm i still feel that taste. After that i went straight to the mountain where i met my friend and we had awesome day. We were skiing and talking about old good times and that was so nice to remember how many good things happened in our lives. I even realized that if something really bad happens to you it is good, because you can appreciate all of the nice little things life gives you! Yeah... It feels so good now to sit at home after awesome day spent in Beaver village Winter park and just relax thinking of how beautiful is life after all.

Hide And Seek At Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel

Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel
Hey folks, weekend is over and there are no nice beaver parties until next one and that is why i came with the idea of something funny - playing hide and seek at Beaver creek Colorado hotel! So i called my buddies from Beaver island and everything happened. We arrived there early in the morning (i must mention that nothing is more beautiful than morning at Beaver creek) and took our positions at one of those gorgeous creek hotel areas. You can find all of us on the picture above. It took hours for us to found each other, but it was a lot of fun! Hi hi! I must admit, i cheated badly, while my buddies were looking for me i just went shopping. LOL, they still don't know, but i am not a liar and i will tell them everything on Christmas when i will give them a presents i bought at creek's shopping alley. I can imagine their faces when they will listen how i went shopping and than back to the Beaver creek Colorado hotel, put things i bought, had fantastic dinner, went to SPA and then came back to my position, where they successfully had found me later.

Swimming Beaver At Pool Party

Swimming Beaver
Hey folks, did you know how cool is to be a swimming beaver? I love pool parties and i can go to all of them, because i can! ;P I love to dance, i love attention and i love water so pool parties are the best for me, because i can be not just dancing beaver but a king of a pool party! Last sunday night there was a party at mountain beaver village! There was a lot of fun and a huge pool with cool blue water i adore and the most interesting thing about that pool was that it had underwater cameras inside it! So all swimmers was shown on the big screen near the bar! It was one awesome view, i just couldn't hold my self of becoming a star of that event so i did underwater tricks all night. Everybody loved it and just how i was expecting i became the king of that party! See that awesome snapshot of swimming beaver, that is me - king of pool party, now can i be any cooler, folks?

Dancing Beaver Party Time

Dancing Beaver
Yo, yo, yo, party people, it is dancing beaver and it is time to paaaartyyy! Folks, don't call me today, i am busy beaver now! Since last period of time i was pretty bored, i decided to change something in my life and now i am going to party every weekend! This picture was taken last night at VIP forest party arranged by squirrel Haris Pilton! That was so awesome, it was a long time since i had shaken my old bones like that! I went so crazy that i even pulled my clothes off and started poledancing, gee man! There was a lot of hot beaver girls and they gave me their phone numbers! Dj Bear rocked the dance floor, that guy knows how to pull all-nighter! You all are invited to next party! Ok, since i have had to much fire water last night i will go to take a rest now, because my headache is awful! See you, folks! Kisses!

What do beavers eat except hamburgers?

What Do Beavers Eat
Hey folks, you often ask me what do beavers eat except hamburgers, tacos and nachos? Of course i was kidding saying that they eat that unhealthy fast food! It is time to reveal all secrets! Many of you think that they eat wood like i have already mentioned before but it is awkward! They make beaver home from wood! They don't have any tools like you - people do so it is obviously that they use their teeth for that! That is what makes you think that they eat it! So what do they eat? As you see little beaver eats cookie at this picture. Conclusion is that beavers eat sweets! Old beaver would love to have cake for dinner every day, beaver cub would eat bunch of ice creams with pleasure! Smart ones, aren't they? Who wouldn't want to have so yummy things for dinner every day! So folks, now you know what do beavers eat!

How Chipmunk Pictures Become Beaver Pictures

Beaver Pictures
Using a simple everyday magic called photoshop every chipmunk picture can turn into even several beaver pictures. So sometimes if you are looking for real pictures of beavers be sure that what you see is really a beaver not some chipmunk, squirrel or even some kind of rat! As long as i'm Crazy Beaver i know what i am talking about and  i know just how exactly real beaver is looking like! So if you are searching for real beaver photos make sure you are looking in a right place! A lot of nice beaver photo shots are available in my Beaver Pictures blog specially to make your search easier, because Crazy Beaver cares about you, folks!

I am busy beaver

Busy Beaver
Hey, hey birds i am not going to party with you i'm a very busy beaver! It is time for dinner and i like to eat alone in peace and quiet so stop twitting around and better bring me some more food! What do you mean you don't know what do beavers eat? We eat hamburgers and tacos with hot sauce, mmm, yummy! Ok, my dinner is over and i need to go looking for something to eat for supper! Stay metal \m/ and maybe i'll be a nice beaver  and bring you some nachos! Or would you rather have burritos? You like them both? Hmm good choice! Ok really i can't hang out with you any longer i'm a very busy beaver...

Treasures of Beaver Island

Beaver Island
Hey folks, have you heard of Beaver Island treasures? People are talking that long time ago pirate called Redhead Beaver found this island and liked it so much, that he decided to stay there and hided his treasures there! By the way this island have his name now - Beaver Island! Time passed and people forgot about Redhead Beaver, now they tell that island is called Beaver Island because of beavers who live there in huge amounts, but i'll tell you that it has nothing to do with those cute little fellows! So i don't know about you but i'm going to Beaver Island to find that treasure old Redhead had hidden! Bling Bling, beavers!
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