Fun At Beaver Village Winter Park

Beaver Village Winter Park
Yo folks, this time i am going to tell you about time i spent in Beaver village winter park! I must say that was splendid, there was a lot of snow and the weather was just perfect for skiing (i love skiing a lot) so i really had a lot of fun. I met my friend - mountain beaver there too and we hung out together. However one negative thing happened on my way to Beaver village (i almost got into a beaver trapping) it couldn't break my high spirit because the best place in the world was waiting for me. So when i got there i went to their famous cafe and had the best hot chocolate in the world for breakfast...mmm i still feel that taste. After that i went straight to the mountain where i met my friend and we had awesome day. We were skiing and talking about old good times and that was so nice to remember how many good things happened in our lives. I even realized that if something really bad happens to you it is good, because you can appreciate all of the nice little things life gives you! Yeah... It feels so good now to sit at home after awesome day spent in Beaver village Winter park and just relax thinking of how beautiful is life after all.
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