Hide And Seek At Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel

Beaver Creek Colorado Hotel
Hey folks, weekend is over and there are no nice beaver parties until next one and that is why i came with the idea of something funny - playing hide and seek at Beaver creek Colorado hotel! So i called my buddies from Beaver island and everything happened. We arrived there early in the morning (i must mention that nothing is more beautiful than morning at Beaver creek) and took our positions at one of those gorgeous creek hotel areas. You can find all of us on the picture above. It took hours for us to found each other, but it was a lot of fun! Hi hi! I must admit, i cheated badly, while my buddies were looking for me i just went shopping. LOL, they still don't know, but i am not a liar and i will tell them everything on Christmas when i will give them a presents i bought at creek's shopping alley. I can imagine their faces when they will listen how i went shopping and than back to the Beaver creek Colorado hotel, put things i bought, had fantastic dinner, went to SPA and then came back to my position, where they successfully had found me later.
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