Dancing Beaver Party Time

Dancing Beaver
Yo, yo, yo, party people, it is dancing beaver and it is time to paaaartyyy! Folks, don't call me today, i am busy beaver now! Since last period of time i was pretty bored, i decided to change something in my life and now i am going to party every weekend! This picture was taken last night at VIP forest party arranged by squirrel Haris Pilton! That was so awesome, it was a long time since i had shaken my old bones like that! I went so crazy that i even pulled my clothes off and started poledancing, gee man! There was a lot of hot beaver girls and they gave me their phone numbers! Dj Bear rocked the dance floor, that guy knows how to pull all-nighter! You all are invited to next party! Ok, since i have had to much fire water last night i will go to take a rest now, because my headache is awful! See you, folks! Kisses!
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