Grandpa's Beaver Creek Story

Beaver Creek
Once, when i was a boy mother took me to a Beaver creek to play with another little beavers. She went to do some of her business but i stayed at the playground and there also was that little beaver girl. At first i was confused, because i didn't like girls, i thought they were from a different planet that time, but than she looked at me and started to giggle. I asked her why she laughs and she told me i had something on my face. I looked in a water and saw my reflection - it was ice cream mommy gave me before. I looked so funny that i started to laugh too and so we laughed together for a few minutes but than suddenly she stopped and offered me to go chasing butterflies and so we did. We had a lot of fun, there were so many butterflies i have never seen before and they all were so incredibly beautiful  that it became my hobby to collect them but that little girl from Beaver creek is your grandma now...
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