Thats How Beaver Credit Card Looks Like

Here you can see lates design of Beaver Credit Card. I know you want this card so much, so go and get it, just google and you will find one.

Beaver Likes Cinnamon Challenge


Hello, folks, have you heard of that new trendy game called Cinnamon Challenge? Looks like everybody do that in the woods! Here's some video, in case you don't know what that is!
I really like cinnamon, so i don't get it, is it really that difficult to eat a spoon of it, have you tried that?
I think i'll dare to do that as well!
See you in the next post, if don't die after that Cinnamon Challenge!

Cartoon Beaver And St. Valentines Day

Cartoon Beaver
Hey folks, cartoon beaver is coming to town and he is going to spread love all over the place, because St. Valentine's day is very soon.
So, have you found your best half yet? Unfortunately i haven't, but that is a good reason for me to start looking for one. On 14th of February i am going to Beaver village winter park, because it is very romantic place and many of my friends have found their love there. So i decided, why not to try out my chances if i can go for it right this year. I'm already old enough and i bet i can met there some cute lovely beaver girl, who is lonely as i am.
I know sometimes it feels sad to be lonely on St. Valentine's day it even kinda feels more lonely than other time of the year, but don't worry if you are alone right now, you will definitely meet your soul mate some day.
But if you want to meet your love faster, here is a tip from old beaver for you, DO NOT SIT HOME all the time, watching TV or something, GO OUT as often as you can, ask your friends to invite some of their friends of the opposite gender to your parties, than you will have a big choice of new possible GF/BF to look up for.
But for now here's a cute cartoon beaver St. Valentine's day card, to warm your heart and give you an inspiration to find your love. Good luck, my dear friends.

Happy New Year 2012 from Beaver Pictures

Happy New Year 2012 from Crazy Beaver

Hey folks, its been a while since you've heard from Beaver Pictures, that is because i went on a crazy summer vacation. I traveled all over the world, been to a lot of festivals in a lot of countries and that was one of the greatest summers in my entire life.
Now the summer is over and it feels like new year is going to come very soon. I actually am very excited Crazy Beaver, because a lot of beavers and other live beings are talking interesting staff that is going to happen in 2012th. Of course i don't believe that it will be the end of the world, that's just silly. I think someone made it up to scare sensitive people. Not a very good joke, huh?
But anyways it will be alright! 2012 will most likely be a year of big progress by any means. So i really look forward to that moment and i can't wait to celebrate it, because i love holidays, parties and fun, especially in the wintertime, because it is all snowy, fresh air outside, no dust and i get to drink a lot of hot chocolate... mmmm, yummy!
So folks, it was great to talk to you again through my little beaver blog! I know that it's hardly an autumn now, but i'm so excited, that i can't wait anymore, so i have to say it now! - Happy New Year 2012 from Crazy cartoon Beaver!

Angry Beaver Mom

Angry Beaver Mom

Hey folks, wanted to tell you about my angry beaver mom. So as you all know a while ago everyone celebrated Mother's day and guess what? I have been such a pig that i totally forgot about it and didn't even call my mom, so she got so furious at me that when i finally visited her, she showed up at the door with a roller pin. At first i didn't get what that means, bet then she asked me to take a look at the calendar and that was the first time when i really could be called a redhead beaver, because i blushed so hard that it even burned.
Fortunately, my momma is a very nice person and she couldn't stay mad at me for a long time. But still i was so ashamed of myself, that i decided to celebrate Mother's day with my momma two times a year, the real one and on a date when i forgot to greet my dear mother.
So after half an hour we already set together at the holiday dinner table with my momma, she hugged me and called me her lovely beaver cub again.
Now i am back to my cozy beaver home again, writing this post and wishing to never make my mom an angry beaver again.

Cartoon Beaver Gifts For Christmas

Beaver Gifts
Hey folks, it's been a long time since i posted something and that's because i was preparing for holidays and wrapping my cartoon beaver gifts. I went to a beaver dam gift store last week and i must say i found a lot of good stuff for my family. And also i wrapped those presents i told you about earlier, i bought them at beaver creek Colorado hotel when we were playing hide and seek with my buddies from Beaver island.
I love Christmas time, it is always so peaceful and beautiful this time of year! Everything covered in snow, no dirt, no garbage, no dust and air is so fresh. This is my favorite time of the year. All beavers become so nice and kind to each other.
So guys i hope you were good beavers this year, because Santa prepared very nice presents for you and it will be shame if you wont get them. But i bet you were good and it will be just fine!
Speaking about me and my cartoon beaver gifts, i made you this nice beaver card. Merry Christmas folks!

Beaver Dam AZ Trip

Beaver Dam AZ
Yo folks, i have been to Beaver Dam AZ trip, because lately i realized that i live in my country for all of my life, but haven't been even in a third part of it, so i decided to improve my knowledge of geography inside my country. So first i went to Arizona, because i had that chance to go there with my friend who is learning there at the Beaver dam college and i must say that there it is not Las Vegas and there is kinda boring but i must admit that good people live there, they are all kind and nice to each other and even to strangers and i guess what i liked the best about this place is that beavers are treated there like the kings or even better. I mean it is like a heaven on Earth for beavers. What could be better?
That beaver dam we stayed at was so nice and cozy tho, i didn't want to leave that place. I guess i would stay there forever if i wouldn't love to have fun that much.
I don't know where will i go next time yet, but i definitely know that i will remember Beaver Dam AZ trip for a long time and hopefully will return there someday.

Beaver Dam Insurance

Beaver Dam Insurance
Hey folks, i decided to get beaver dam insurance. As you know soon i will go on my vacation to Beaver creek Colorado hotel and i was kinda afraid to leave my house unprotected, because i have heard that sneaky otters are around again. So i went to their agency and they have been very nice to me, explained how it works and we maid agreement and i don't have to worry about my little beautiful and cozy house's safety anymore. I will enjoy peacefully every second of my holidays, swimming, taking sun bathes and going to SPA every day. And even after i come back i wont break the contract because anything can happen any moment. And you know folks, i would suggest you do the same thing, because you kinda feel invincible when you know that if something happens you will have something to start from again. And every nice beaver should be protected. That sure was a great idea to get that beaver dam insurance.

Going On Vacation To Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek Vacation
Hey folks, lately i have noticed that i am getting tired very fast doing almost nothing and that is why i decided to use Beaver creek vacation service. You all know i love Beaver creek Colorado hotel area, so it didn't took me a second to think where exactly i would like to go on vacation. Now i am searching for some cozy beaver home to rent for the week. Last year i went there for vacation too and that was so peaceful there that i thought i will never go anywhere else ever. Last time i took home with big pool, so i could get back my  shape by swimming and that really helped.
This picture is from last year's vacation, you can see me there swimming in the evening. That is so nice to swim during the evening when it is getting quiet all around, for me it is the best time.
Oh my, i can't wait to go on my every year Beaver creek vacation.

Grandpa's Beaver Creek Story

Beaver Creek
Once, when i was a boy mother took me to a Beaver creek to play with another little beavers. She went to do some of her business but i stayed at the playground and there also was that little beaver girl. At first i was confused, because i didn't like girls, i thought they were from a different planet that time, but than she looked at me and started to giggle. I asked her why she laughs and she told me i had something on my face. I looked in a water and saw my reflection - it was ice cream mommy gave me before. I looked so funny that i started to laugh too and so we laughed together for a few minutes but than suddenly she stopped and offered me to go chasing butterflies and so we did. We had a lot of fun, there were so many butterflies i have never seen before and they all were so incredibly beautiful  that it became my hobby to collect them but that little girl from Beaver creek is your grandma now...