Happy New Year 2012 from Beaver Pictures

Happy New Year 2012 from Crazy Beaver

Hey folks, its been a while since you've heard from Beaver Pictures, that is because i went on a crazy summer vacation. I traveled all over the world, been to a lot of festivals in a lot of countries and that was one of the greatest summers in my entire life.
Now the summer is over and it feels like new year is going to come very soon. I actually am very excited Crazy Beaver, because a lot of beavers and other live beings are talking interesting staff that is going to happen in 2012th. Of course i don't believe that it will be the end of the world, that's just silly. I think someone made it up to scare sensitive people. Not a very good joke, huh?
But anyways it will be alright! 2012 will most likely be a year of big progress by any means. So i really look forward to that moment and i can't wait to celebrate it, because i love holidays, parties and fun, especially in the wintertime, because it is all snowy, fresh air outside, no dust and i get to drink a lot of hot chocolate... mmmm, yummy!
So folks, it was great to talk to you again through my little beaver blog! I know that it's hardly an autumn now, but i'm so excited, that i can't wait anymore, so i have to say it now! - Happy New Year 2012 from Crazy cartoon Beaver!