Cartoon Beaver And St. Valentines Day

Cartoon Beaver
Hey folks, cartoon beaver is coming to town and he is going to spread love all over the place, because St. Valentine's day is very soon.
So, have you found your best half yet? Unfortunately i haven't, but that is a good reason for me to start looking for one. On 14th of February i am going to Beaver village winter park, because it is very romantic place and many of my friends have found their love there. So i decided, why not to try out my chances if i can go for it right this year. I'm already old enough and i bet i can met there some cute lovely beaver girl, who is lonely as i am.
I know sometimes it feels sad to be lonely on St. Valentine's day it even kinda feels more lonely than other time of the year, but don't worry if you are alone right now, you will definitely meet your soul mate some day.
But if you want to meet your love faster, here is a tip from old beaver for you, DO NOT SIT HOME all the time, watching TV or something, GO OUT as often as you can, ask your friends to invite some of their friends of the opposite gender to your parties, than you will have a big choice of new possible GF/BF to look up for.
But for now here's a cute cartoon beaver St. Valentine's day card, to warm your heart and give you an inspiration to find your love. Good luck, my dear friends.