Cartoon Beaver Gifts For Christmas

Beaver Gifts
Hey folks, it's been a long time since i posted something and that's because i was preparing for holidays and wrapping my cartoon beaver gifts. I went to a beaver dam gift store last week and i must say i found a lot of good stuff for my family. And also i wrapped those presents i told you about earlier, i bought them at beaver creek Colorado hotel when we were playing hide and seek with my buddies from Beaver island.
I love Christmas time, it is always so peaceful and beautiful this time of year! Everything covered in snow, no dirt, no garbage, no dust and air is so fresh. This is my favorite time of the year. All beavers become so nice and kind to each other.
So guys i hope you were good beavers this year, because Santa prepared very nice presents for you and it will be shame if you wont get them. But i bet you were good and it will be just fine!
Speaking about me and my cartoon beaver gifts, i made you this nice beaver card. Merry Christmas folks!

Beaver Dam AZ Trip

Beaver Dam AZ
Yo folks, i have been to Beaver Dam AZ trip, because lately i realized that i live in my country for all of my life, but haven't been even in a third part of it, so i decided to improve my knowledge of geography inside my country. So first i went to Arizona, because i had that chance to go there with my friend who is learning there at the Beaver dam college and i must say that there it is not Las Vegas and there is kinda boring but i must admit that good people live there, they are all kind and nice to each other and even to strangers and i guess what i liked the best about this place is that beavers are treated there like the kings or even better. I mean it is like a heaven on Earth for beavers. What could be better?
That beaver dam we stayed at was so nice and cozy tho, i didn't want to leave that place. I guess i would stay there forever if i wouldn't love to have fun that much.
I don't know where will i go next time yet, but i definitely know that i will remember Beaver Dam AZ trip for a long time and hopefully will return there someday.
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