What do beavers eat except hamburgers?

What Do Beavers Eat
Hey folks, you often ask me what do beavers eat except hamburgers, tacos and nachos? Of course i was kidding saying that they eat that unhealthy fast food! It is time to reveal all secrets! Many of you think that they eat wood like i have already mentioned before but it is awkward! They make beaver home from wood! They don't have any tools like you - people do so it is obviously that they use their teeth for that! That is what makes you think that they eat it! So what do they eat? As you see little beaver eats cookie at this picture. Conclusion is that beavers eat sweets! Old beaver would love to have cake for dinner every day, beaver cub would eat bunch of ice creams with pleasure! Smart ones, aren't they? Who wouldn't want to have so yummy things for dinner every day! So folks, now you know what do beavers eat!
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