My Visit To Grandparents At Beaver Village

Beaver Village
Hey folks, as you may noticed i haven't been posting to my blog for a few days, well that is because i went to Beaver village to visit my grandparents and grandparents as old as mine usually don't have any idea of what Internet is. Man it was so good to see them, i missed them so much. I missed grandma's delicious pies and grandpa's stories, now that old beaver never run out of words! They both are always so sweet and nice to me, i love them very much, it's too bad they live so far from me, i would definitely visit them every day (well maybe except i wouldn't after some parties because i would be ashamed of my hangover look).
Yep, i spent these days very good, it felt like home where you are always safe and where is someone who will take care of you no matter what like in childhood.