OMG, beaver trapping!

Oh my God, folks that human bastards caught this poor little fellow into a beaver trapping, it is so rude and cruel of them, how could they? And why? Only because that cute beaver dropped a few old trees to make a sweet little home for his babies. Now that is nasty, why people think they have rights to rule over an animal's life, they totally got out of control. Someone should stop them once and for all! I am so calling Super beaver right now. And i am sure he wont be okay with that at all. Look how scared that redhead beaver is, how would they like if someone put them in his place.
And we don't actually know why they put him there, maybe they are just covering their backs, saying he caused them troubles, but actually they just wish to kill him and steal his fur. Yes, didn't you know they do that, filthy animals! They are jealous of wildlife creatures, because they don't have such a beautiful fur and since they are egoists, they either get what they want either destroy it, so if they can't get it, they make sure no one can, what a beasts!
Lets all hope that guy could get away from that awful beaver trapping and returned safely to his cute little cubs and wife.
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