What Do Beavers Eat

How do you think, what do beavers eat? Lots of people think, that beavers eat wood, but it is just a stereotype, because beaver actually loves hamburgers and cheeseburgers! Do you know why beavers have orange teeth? That's right - that's because they eat a lot of oranges, oranges are beaver's favorite food. They also drink a lot of orange soda and eat cookies like guys from David Blaine's videos. By the way beavers are huge fans of David Blane, because they like street magic and all kind of pranks. So if someone is calling you and asking whether you need a fridge and when you answer you don't they say, then bring it out, we're coming after it, know - it could be beavers.
So returning to beaver eating behavior you need to also know what they hate and would never eat. Number one beaver belly's enemy is sushi, they hate it a lot and no one actually doesn't know why, but they also hate olives and pudding. So if you have beaver as a pet be sure to treat it good, because now you are an expert of what do beavers eat.
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