Cartoon beaver adventures

Cartoon beaver
Hey folks, this time i have a nice picture of cartoon beaver to show you. It was so funny, that i couldn't hold myself from sharing it with you. This swimming beaver looks like he is on drugs, look at the dark circles under his eyes. Okay, i'm just joking, beavers never use drugs, because drugs are bad and if you use drugs you are bad, 'cause drugs are bad, like Mr. Mackey from South Park said. And if they say it in South Park, it means that it's true.
But anyways, i'm wondering where this guy is going on that "Titanic", beavers don't usually float on trees, they are great swimmers and they just love to swim. It looks like this little guy is a sailor with his great boat. However you can do anything if you are a cartoon hero even more than in movies, plus animators often give it all a big portion of funny sound effects, and a funny names too. Guess what name did they give this fellow - captain Redhead Beaver? Like the one from Beaver Island.
Yeah, i wish that someone would make an animation about me, but who would be interested in crazy violet beaver? That Hollywood guys say, that natural looks are modern now. Where are 90th gone, when all kind of punks like me ruled the world.
Well, i've heard history goes in circles, so maybe in next ten years you will see a violet and crazy cartoon beaver, but for now, lets just hold our breath and wait.
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