Beaver home - so warm and cozy

This is my beaver home, this is so cool and expensive beaver apartments, I would even say - it's a beaver palace. Welcome to my cribs. I make parties every sunday night and all the forest VIPs are invited. This is so cool to live in a big and cozy lodge which we, beavers build with our own little hands. Did you, people knew that we are great constructors and architects? In wildlife we are the best in construction works. But unlike you we can build a hole dam over one night, that's right - night, not day, because we are night creatures! Could you handle that challenge? We are so good at building, because we are very rational animals, we choose places were everything is handy, and if it's not we do everything to improve it. We build canals to provide materials and food in the fastest way we can. We also help nature to avoid floods and erosion. Our other color after brown is definitely "green". Once we even built a world's biggest dam which can be seen from satellite, imagine how big is that. And we are just a small rodents, of course not so small among other rodents, only capybara is bigger then average beaver but in front of you, people, we are pretty small. So take that, humans, we do not know now, but maybe we even built Egyptian pyramids, not you or aliens! :) I mean if we can build a beaver home which can be seen from space, why couldn't we build a pyramids?
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