Beaver picture - This is me

This is my best Beaver picture ever! Yep, this is me in person one and only Crazy Beaver! How do you like my new fur color? Violet is my favorite, remember that, folks when you will send me some cute little presents! However i love surprises too but  make sure that they are violet surprises! :) Do i already sound crazy to you? I am all about craziness, because in my opinion being crazy is the only way to look normal in our crazy world, isn't it? Ha ha, i am not totally nuts if you know what i mean (by the way, i love nuts, their yummy) but i am kinda hyperactive nature child. But who cares about it as long as i will continue to tell you some funny, interesting and of course some times pretty crazy stories! My mama told me that if i wasn't a beaver i would be a great writer and even could write scripts for some really funny movies, not that trash they make nowadays! But anyway, where were we, oh yes, i was telling you about my talents, so as long as i am beaver i am not allowed to write scripts, however i can be an actor like some of my bros, for example my cousin was acting in Dr Doolittle, how cool is that, huh? Personally i was offered to star with Mel Gibson in Jodie Foster's film "Beaver" but i thought it will make me racist, i don't know why but they say it in South Park and Youtube's star Jon Lajoie sang about that in one of hes inappropriate songs, but hell, i love that guy, he's funny, so i refused. And it means that now i will have plenty of time to post my crazy stories in this blog which is cool because it kinda does make me a writer. Well, folks i guess this is kinda it for now about me the Crazy Beaver, stay in touch with me if you wanna know more interesting and crazy facts about simple beaver's life plus i am going to post a new cool beaver picture with every new article.
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