Funny smiling beaver cub

Beaver cub is one extraordinary little guy, it's extremely cute, fluffy and totally adorable forest and wetland citizen. Beaver cubs are little bit clumsy especially when they get out of water, but they try to make fast moves like their parents, what makes them look funny. Little beavers prefer to stick with their parents till they grow up, but later they sometimes even leave the dam where they were born to free a space for their younger siblings and to found their own place and life partner and to build their own dam where they can settle down. When they build their own dam and create a new beaver community they stay there as long there is enough food for them and as long as that food is easy to transport to their lodge or while their activities are not interrupted by humans, who sometimes are not happy with beavers around their ponds because of the possible floods caused by beavers. Sometimes beavers live all their life in one location, but sometimes they are moving from place to place, beavers can re-build a main dam over night.
It is really fun to watch cute beaver cub playing in your pond, that is a little reason why people should not destroy their homes and also because beavers are greatest wild architects amongst all animals.
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