Very angry beaver attacks paparazzi

Dudes, check this out - this angry beaver has become my idol, he attacked that annoying paparazzi guy! That was awesome! I attached this video to show you how a nice looking and seemed to be calm and friendly animal can get angry when humans interrupt his peaceful lifestyle. This little fellow showed that camera guy where his place is. People often think they have rights to do what they want but what they don't think about is how that influences all around them like environment, wildlife and also other people existence. People goes to the woods sometimes to "research" that area, sometimes to leave mess behind them after having "nice" picnic but sometimes to destroy everything what mother nature has created and clear a space for their own ugly and harmful constructions which will earn money for them. But they don't think that someday they will need what they destroyed but it will be too late. I hope you guys understand why that angry beaver got furious!
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