Old beaver is lazy dude

Old Beaver
Hey folks, i recently met my old man and that old beaver is one lazy dude, i must say, but with a beautiful soul and a really pure heart, he is the greatest. I would even say he has always been my hero. Watching him as an example of a great parenting skills i understood that beavers are the best parents in the whole world, and my paps and mama are best parents of the best.
While i was a little beaver they treated me like little king or something, caring about me and giving me everything i needed in the first place and only then they thought about themselves.
When i got a little older they were teaching me properly everything they new and everything i might need to know for the future, because it is a tradition in beaver families to let their young children go to find their own place, so they can learn to live on their own instead of being mama's sons, which helps a lot in a future life.
To bad my mama has already passed away, but at least i have my old beaver paps, and i just love to visit him.
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