Canadian beaver symbol

Canadian five-cent piece
Canadian beaver symbol
"Threepenny beaver" post stamp
Hey folks, today i would like to tell you about Canadian beaver symbol. I think that no any other country in the world except Canada loves and appreciates beavers more. However they exploits our beautiful fur, we are thankful because they at least appreciate what we give them and respect us for being their national treasure. They even designated beavers as a national animal and use our profile as a national emblem. Canadians also have a coin with beaver on it, they respect us so much because they understand our importance in the development of Canada. And guess what was on the first Canadian post stamp? That's right - a beaver, it was designed by Sir Sandford Fleming and was released in in 1851, it was called "Threepenny beaver". They had also chosen beaver to be the mascot of the Summer Olympics in Montreal with the name "Amik" ("beaver" in Ojibwe) in 1976.
So where you wouldn't see any angry beaver is in Canada, where beavers are loved and respected by people!
When i was in Canada i bought a Copy of Canadian beaver symbol and put it on my wall to remember every day, that somewhere in the world is a place where we are always wanted!