Beaver's Epic fail - Beaver video

Yo, folks, this beaver video is epic, take a look at this looser, he is hilarious! The only thing which upsets me about this video is that silly humans think that this little guy is beaver, but he is just some kind of chipmunk. Don't they see, that fellow have no gorgeous beaver tail, and one more thing - nice beaver would never humiliate himself chasing after food like this, i mean he couldn't even if he wanted, because beaver's food stands still all the time, ha ha it's trees, man, silly people, they know nothing about beavers.
Although this video is really funny and it totally made my day, that is why i am sharing it with you, some things are better when shared with friends, right?
If you like it you can also share it with your friends for example on Facebook, there must be even special button for you, to make it easier to share my crazy content with your friends.
So okay, folks i better get going before my crazy brothers ate all yummy fresh trees around here. If i found another funny beaver video i will definitely let you know.
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