Which one of those is Super beaver?

Guess who is Super beaver! It must be smart, strong, healthy and handsome one, or maybe it is a nerd-looking one with some special superpowers? Is it a beaver boy? Why couldn't it be a beaver girl? Sometimes girls are stronger than boys. It's all about force! Superhero suit doesn't make beaver a superbeaver! So try to listen to what your intuition says and guess which one is Super Cartoon Beaver. World needed an idea of some new type of superhero a long ago! Everybody are tired of all kind of superman like superheroes like batman, spiderman and other freakazoids! So here he comes, not only strong and smart but cute and fluffy to, he want break any girls heart and wont make guys jealous, he will come where justice needs to be and settle things down without unneeded violence and destruction. So it is no need to hide in a corners anymore, nothing bad can happen, because the super beaver is watching you!
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