Mel Gibson beaver

The Beaver
Mel Gibson beaver: Hey folks, have you already heard that there is a movie The Beaver with Mel Gibson, directed by Jodie Foster. This is going to be so awesome movie, can't wait till it will be released. Fortunatelly the trailer is already available, and now i am sharing it with you and you, guys must share it with your friends, because no one would want to miss it. The cast is so cool - two times Academy awarded Mel Gibson, two times Academy awarded Jodie Foster, and that young cool Russian actor Anton Yelchin.
So all drama is about one guy called Walter Black, he is a middle age family man in a great depression, he is having some problems with his family, and because of that his wife kicks him out. And so he seems to be totally lost with his life until he founds a beaver hand puppet, and then it all starts. But i wont tell you more, because i don't want to steal your joy of watching that movie.
So folks, lets hold our breath once again and wait for Mel Gibson Beaver.
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